Abrasive Sponge Pads (250 in a box) DOUBLE SIDED




Rawhide sanding pads are virtually indestructible as they are made from a new adhesive and grit combination.

This has given the Rawhide pad greater cutting power and a longer life span. Tests have shown us that Rawhide out-performs any other pad on the market today!

To prove our commitment to the environment the Rawhide sanding pads are manufactured from a totally solvent free production process.

  • SIZE:  1/2″ thick  x 4″x 5″
  • Lasts 3 times longer than any other pad
  • 3 times as strong
  • Super elastic tear resistant bond
  • Extended cutting life
  • Non-clogging coating
  • Waterproof
  • Great value
  • 250 pads per box

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